Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Implementing Artificial Intelligence in healthcare involves automating tasks, integrating business processes across technologies and business functions. These processes have an impact on wide range of roles i.e. doing things much more faster but differently. 

Having said that, many healthcare decision making executives are hesitant when it comes to experimenting with Artificial Intelligence. This is as a result of privacy concerns, data reliability concerns or organizational silos which makes shared data a challenge.

What is AI in Healthcare

This refers to the use of complex algorithms to perform endless tasks in an automated fashion. When doctors, researchers or scientists inject data into computer programmes, the developed algorithms analyses, reviews, interprets and provides suggestions to challenging medical problems.

Some practical application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

There are many benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare, perhaps the question to ask is what aspect of our healthcare do we intend to apply Artificial Intelligence to as the possibilities are endless. Here are some;

New Drugs Discovery: Pharmaceutical companies use artificial Intelligence to leverage the discovery of new drugs. As a result of AI, timelines and processes involved in drug discovery, manufacturing and ship to market has been cut short.

Health diagnostics: Healthcare practitioners have started using artificial intelligence to diagnose patients with specific diseases.

New Drug Trials: Most drug trials are handled offline with little to no integrated solutions that track progress, data gathering and drug trial outcomes. AI are now been used to cover this gaps to ensure drugs are quickly tried and applied into market for early treatment of patients.

Patient Outcomes: Patient Outcomes are improved by using variety of strategies and AI driven outcomes. For example the simple chatbot integrated with Patient Health Records which supports patients at various stages of the cancer battle. Here is a video from Microsoft that demonstrates the practical application of artificial intelligence which comprises Microsoft dynamics 365 integrated with clinical systems and chatbot solution. Please note that these are just a few examples.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Introducing AI into health system can be overwhelming, so it’s often recommended to start slow. First, a proof of concept followed by a small pilot. Once an organization has raised its AI awareness and understood the comfort levels of internal and external users, a broader deployment of AI throughout its healthcare systems may begin.

Alignment with other strategic healthcare initiatives can provide an incentive to generate interest and demand from stakeholder in AI. This enables an organization to create greater value and produce more buy-in for the initiative.

Some misconceptions about AI in Healthcare

There are a few misconceptions about AI in healthcare such as; healthcare professionals will be replaced by AI, programming skill are required, AI is for image-focused healthcare, AI will drive every aspect of healthcare, AI will make healthcare professionals less human, AI in medicine will be here in the future.

The shift towards Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence capabilities are now rapidly evolving most especially due to the global changes from recent covid-19 pandemic, it is crucial to scale from research to application.

Businesses which have successfully achieved Artificial Intelligence at scale are excessively financially out performers. Another question to ask would be, ‘How do they achieve this?’ Simply by confronting data issues and bridging the Artificial Intelligence skills gap.

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