Mobile App Development

About this service

The future of business and connectivity is mobile. Are you ready? Here at ENE Business Strategies LTD, we specialise in delivering high calibre iOS and Android mobile apps that turn client needs into reality across all sectors. Our creative and talented team are passionate about all things mobile. Contact to learn more about how we can help you

Our Approach

1. Discovery: You have hired us to be your experts, so we’ll help you best navigate your App’s (Mobile Apps) path to success. We’ll start the process with a detailed conversation to identify your mobile App needs, any problems you may face, and what solutions we offer to overcome your challenges.

2. Plan & Strategy: We’ll map out the initial framing for how your App will be developed and configured, along with a detailed project management schedule to ensure we stay on time and on budget.

3. Build & Test: Once you give us the green light, we’ll have our assigned, creative and passionate mobile experts begin the coding phase. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on regular developments throughout this time hence in an agile fashion.

4. Deploy: After your App meets our rigorous beta testing standards, we’ll send your App for take-off.

5. On-Going Support: Based on your needs, we will provide on-going support to ensure you focus on meeting your client’s needs.


Most frequent questions and answers

It varies and would depend on your requirements. Send over your requirements and we will back with a quote.   

Send your requirements to the email below ensuring you include; the name of your organisation, key contacts, brief summary of your business, company size, App audience, summary of your App requirements and any useful attachments.

Privacy Policy

It depends on your requirements. Send your requirements in the first instance and we will provide timescales after analysis.  

This is possible but we will have to assess your requirements to determine an estimated delivery date. The delivery date for your project is dependent on a number of factors such as the scope of the requirements, agreement on cost and how cost is managed when changes are introduced, how scheduling is managed by both our team, yours and finally the quality expected of the product required.  

Our team are experienced in delivering IT projects using a number of technologies and even when we don’t have the expertise for the stated technology we recruit experts from the technology industry.

Yes, we can assign any of our specialists i.e. Developer, architect, Business Analyst, Portfolio / Programme / Project Manager etc to support your team either on site or remotely from our office. All we need is your requirements and we will get you a quote.

Yes, we provide services to both small and large businesses.

Yes, we have delivered services to organisations in the following industries; Government & Public Services, Financial service, Healthcare, Media and entertainment, Technology, Travel and Tourism, Social Housing. We are open to delivering services to clients irrespective of the industries they exist.

Yes, we will need to know your support requirements and period the support is needed then we can provide you with a quote.