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Before Artificial Intelligence became popular today, it played an influential role in mobile application development few years ago.

Before we knew it as Artificial Intelligence

Going back to the early 30s, 40s and 50s, a handful of scientists from various fields such as engineering, psychology, mathematics etc came together with ideas to research into thinking machines. Scientists attempted to replicate in machines electrical network of neurons that fired in all-or-nothing pulses which occurs in the human brain.

Over time, these gave rise to smart apps just like Apple’s Siri. But was Apple’s Siri, the first of its kind? No, before Siri came into existence there was the Knowledge Navigator, a concept described in a book called Odyssey (1987) by former Apple Computer CEO John Sculley.

Knowledge Navigator was a device that could access large network database of hypertext information, and use software agents to assist searching for information. One of its unique features was its text-to-speech system, a gesture based interface reminiscent of the multi-touch interface used on the iPhone and a strong speech recognition system, allowing the user to converse with the system via an animated “butler” as the software agent. Knowledge Navigator as a prototype, provided the inspiration for smart applications such as Siri.

What is Artificial Intelligence and the economical impact?

There are so many definitions of Artificial Intelligence in the industry today but what exactly is Artificial Intelligence? It is the ability of a machine to simulate intelligent human behaviour by itself.  What is a phone as a device worth to the economy today without its software components? I’ll let you imagine what it would look like by reflecting back in time.

Advancement in technology and Innovation today has caused a shift in the way business decision makers, technology experts and every day users think and interact with mobile application and intelligent software.

Mckinsey Global Institute conducted a study which revealed tech appetites towards Artificial Intelligence. Companies like Baidu and Google spent between $20 billion to $30 billion on Artificial Intelligence last year, with 90% of this spent on R&D and deployment, and 10% on Artificial Intelligence acquisitions.

What could this potentially tell us? One could be that the gap between self thinking machines and the intelligent human brain is closing hence the potential for utilising Artificial Intelligence to further boost business growth across industries and barriers is increasing.

The smart mobile apps as drivers

Your mobile phone could be seen as a device which understands you better than those closest to you. It learns and captures your pattern, behaviours, choices made, what you buy, where you go, how long you stay at each location and who you spend time with. Isn’t this what organisations seek? That is, data about existing and potential customers, so they can learn more about what you want and how you want it.

So that’s what strategy, sales and marketing is all about. Understanding the customer better in a bid to sell the customers want they want and how they want it hence leaving them satisfied and happily coming back for more.

So when smart mobile apps are developed for businesses, they are built in a way to consume data by means of the users everyday interaction with the mobile device, analytics are built into it to understand user patterns and behaviours, artificial intelligence uses predictions to tell how best to offer products and services to the customer. Hence combination of applications, data, analytics and artificial intelligence leads to descriptive and predictive algorithms

So as more and more data are captured, software applications become more intelligent because there are more data and scenarios to analyse and predict over a shorter period of time which improves user satisfaction. This means a smarter Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant etc. Companies thinking about its customer, user satisfaction, growth and competitive positioning would benefit alot from smart mobile apps as a business enabler to reach their targets.

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Ehime Enahoro is a consultant working on digital projects working with ENE Business Strategies LTD. A London based digital agency focused on delivering and supporting digital solutions for businesses.


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